For caregivers and educational consultants  |  Suitable for treatment from the age of 9+

A therapeutic table game for recognizing the value of "balance", in a behavioral-cognitive approach and in the spirit of mindfulness. The game is intended for educational consultants, therapists, nutrition trainers, organizational consultants and more.


Knowing the value of "balance" in the human experience through conceptualization, playful activity and active discourse. The first step is the process of recognizing three values: "too much", "too little" and "balance". The second stage is to observe and study the intermediate dimensions of the axis between the poles and to investigate the interpretation we give to each and every value as "good" and "bad."

Players must produce pairs of opposing cards: a card that represents the value "too much" with a card that represents the value "too little". When completing a pair of opposing cards, the value of "balance" must be completed in the discourse.

On the board, in front of each participant, appears the axis of the dimensions and through it it is possible to concretely illustrate the relative extent of the feelings, thoughts and feelings that arise from the dialogue with the help of their visual representation, As a means of observation and cognition allows for active learning following the question: "What is happening to me now?".

The game content 2 peonies | cube | table | a deck of cards |  golden milestones



Bord dimensions: 30cm x 30cm


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